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Back from your adventures around Phi Phi Island, you would definitely want to end your adventures relaxing on a table and taste some extraordinary food and beverages. At Villa 360, we provide our guests with a high class, restaurant experience. Our hotel restaurant, Bungayawee, serves various types of food you can ask for. Our restaurant is ready to provide you with exceptionally great food all day long. We serves international favourites as well as local Thai food. We operate all day where breakfast starts from 6.30 - 10.30 am. During breakfast, you can choose various types of international cuisine where our chefs pay the most attention to all the dishes served to you.

Lunch time starts at 11.30 - 3.30 pm. Our special lunch time is different from other our operating time. During lunch time, you can enjoy the delicious cuisine by the pool. We also have Pool bar which operates from 11 am until 6.30 pm. Our Pool bar provides you with various types of cocktail drinks along with our specially made cocktails. You can relax, read your favourite book, enjoy sun bathing by the pool while sipping on our delicious cocktails. At 6pm - 10 pm, when our dinner menus start to roll out at Bunga-Yawee restaurant, you can sip a glass of wine and enjoy the breathtaking sunset views and enjoy our delicious international cuisine prepared by our professionally trained chefs.

The selection of ingredient choices on our meals are genuine and carefully selected to give your taste bud the best experience possible. Through our excellent and elegant service from our staff, your experience at our restaurant will leave you wanting to come back.

And every evening of sunset .. We would like to present the Sunset Sky Bar..Sky Bar, the highest on Phi Phi Island is 40 meters above sea level ..
With drinks That will make you relax From your adventures .. and BBQ, Sea food fresh and new everyday, for you to taste..That will make you happy Never forget

Not only we provide you with exceptionally high-class cuisine, our restaurant is located on the hill, which, enables you to have a fine dine overlooking the panoramic beautiful Andaman sea. You can enjoy your meal outdoor which gives you the best holiday experience and allow you to have the most relaxed time.

Everyday we have special promotion of Happy Hours where from 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm at Pool Bar, our selected drinks such as soft drinks, cocktails, mock-tails, and beers are at 50% off. You can enjoy the best deal from our restaurant during happy hour. While sipping on your delicious cocktails either by the pool bar or at the restaurant, you can enjoy the sunset by the ocean. We offer variety of alcoholic beverages. Our cocktails are made by certified bartenders and carefully mixed and stirred to mesmerise your taste buds. Happy hour is the best time for you to get the best deal while getting to experience the best views. The sunset views from the hills is one of the most breathtaking view you could get from having your holiday in Phi Phi island. The beautiful sun sets into the wide panoramic ocean, giving the best mix of colours of both blue and orange hues - a photographic view that needs to be captured with your own eyes.


6.30 am. – 10.30 am.


11.30 am. – 3.30 pm.


6 pm. – 10 pm.


11 am. – 6.30 pm.